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THE Diet Guidelines are SO EASY to follow and not only guarantee you lose weight — it promises to show you a simple way to eat to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously without counting calories or starvation dieting.

Success Stories From Past Participants

21 Lbs In 21 Days Jordan

 "I had just gotten a new gym membership and was trying to lose some weight on my own for the hundredth time. I knew I would probably fail on my own like had in the past so I took a chance and signed up for Mitch's mansformation program. 

That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mitch created a custom meal and exercise plan based on my body and goals. He provided answers to all the questions I threw at him and tweaked my program as the weeks went on to keep getting results. 

Mitch provided the support system and knowledge base that I had been lacking in my past weight loss attempts and because of that I was able to stay on track. I am now confident and committed to a permanent lifestyle change and I have Mitch to thank for getting me started down that road."

8 Lbs in 21 Days (+ an inch on his biceps) Carl

"My wife grabbed my bicep last night and complimented the change in me. That's the first validation I've got from her, and it was pretty cool to see."

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√ Rapid fat loss nutrition plan & grocery store checklist

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Mitch Calvert is a certified trainer and fat-loss coach. He discovered his love for fitness while slaving away as a 240lb line cook 13 years ago – and now works specifically with men like his former self who have weight to lose and confidence to gain. 

He hosts Mansformation Challenges for guys looking to get over the fat-loss hump, has a small mountain of baby toys in his living room (11 month old daughter at home), a cat named Chelsea and a wife of two years.