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How To Reclaim Your Former Glory And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life
(While Juggling A Busy Career & Family Life)

If You Want To Lose At Least 20 Lbs in The Next 8 Weeks (Without Sacrificing Muscle) Like The Guys Shown Below...

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Chubby Guy Secrets to Shredded Muscle
Are Yours To Uncover...

Think back to the last time you were in a big box corporate gym, going through the motions in another attempt to lose the weight that's crept up on you over the years.

And while you hated every minute of it, in walked someone who didn't come within a 100 yard radius of the cardio machine where you were plodding away, but had a leaner, more muscular body than you.

In fact, he probably left the gym before you did, didn't he? 

You probably assumed he was a "genetic specimen" or knew some secret drug or supplement protocol only reserved for those in the know...

After all, you know the friend who eats McDonald’s daily and maintain a six pack.

On the other end, you can so much as look at a piece of cake and grow a spare tire.  

It's a sobering reality, but I'm here to help you get the last laugh. 

Today, you’re going to finally discover what's been missing from your countless attempts to get a physique others will envy.

When you read on, you're going to figure out how to be the guy others say must have "superior genetics."

I get it, your time is as limited as ever.

You have dogs to feed, kids to run to 12 practices a week and reality TV to binge watch with the wife.

But, here's the deal...

There's a way to have your cake and get lean, too.

The people that know how to get and maintain an awesome physique aren't spending hours in the gym…

The people that know how to get and maintain an awesome physique aren't eating clean, boring foods all the time...

The people that know how to get and maintain an awesome physique simply work SMARTER, not HARDER.

Sure, you're going to have to do more than sit around and eat junk all day to look like them. But you already knew that.

But, it doesn't mean going to extremes, either. 

Remember those past efforts to get in shape? You won't be working any harder, but instead you'll be working in smarter ways that maximize your results.

Are You Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired? Getting Older Doesn't Need To Suck.

Take Jordan, who was sick and tired of the same old and took action to help him get unstuck. A full-time career, family and financial responsibilities took him from a former football star in high school to the out of shape, tired version you see below. But the guy lost more than 50 lbs in 3 months and added considerable muscle (his 365 lb squat was a testament to that) just by following the done-for-you program detailed below.

 I had just gotten a new gym membership and was trying to lose some weight on my own for the hundredth time. I knew I would probably fail on my own like had in the past so I took a chance and signed up for Endomorph Evolution. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The program provided the support system and knowledge base that I had been lacking in my past weight loss attempts and because of that I was able to stay on track. I am now confident and committed to a permanent lifestyle change and I have Endomorph Evolution to thank for getting me started down that road.

 - Jordan R.

Maybe you've got a high school reunion upcoming, a sex life to rekindle with the wife, or a parents vs. kids scrimmage to prepare for...

You don't want to look like a bag of milk under that fitted tuxedo, right?

You don't want to get shown up in the bedroom by something hiding in your wife's bottom drawer, right? 

You don't want to get embarrassed by the other dad's on the soccer field, right?

So, let's take stock of where you're at...

Be honest.

Are your t-shirts a lot tighter in the wrong areas?

Are your loose fitting jeans now defined as ‘skinny’ because of the way they fit you?

Do your love handles make it look like you've got an inner tube around your waist?

Not good.

But here’s the cool thing… You can either feel sorry for yourself and continue down the wrong path, or decide to make a change.

Not Knowing the Secret Can Keep You Struggling With Your Weight Forever.

If you are happy with how you look and don't want to take action, the only action I recommend for you is to hit the "X" in the top right-hand corner of your browser. 

Now, if you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired... and ready to take action... keep reading.

I understand your fear.

I was in your shoes.

I was scared to go to the gym.

I was scared to face reality.

I was scared to get my shit handled because change is hard and my comfort zone was safe. But I found my spark, and I want you to find yours.

For some reason, as you age you "accept" the way things are. 

Your shitty job. Your beer gut. Your lack of energy and vitality.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Before I continue any further, you're probably wondering - who the hell is this guy and why should I even be listening to him?

So, yeah, I used to be pretty chubby myself. To put it bluntly, I was fat. Like 240 lb of flab, fat.

The before picture below was me at 20; too embarrassed to ever be seen without a few layers of clothing on…

(I apparently had poor fashion sense too…and are those blonde highlights?)

So, how'd I go from sedentary video game addict to a certified personal trainer with a B.A. who is now  a paid fitness author on,,, Muscle & Fitness and was ranked as one of the top 10 fitness blogs by in 2013? 

mitchLet me tell you how this all started...

“Don’t move an inch, bitch,” the skinny line cook said as he held a hot oven pan to my neck. It was fall 2002, I was a summer removed from high school graduation and needless to say wasn’t in a great place in my life.

I had a pretty terrible job as a sous chef (glorified salad maker) and was taking an introductory course load at university. Other than that, I spent my free time over-eating and under-exercising living out a fantasy in video games. The girls weren’t lining up to date me, I tipped the scales at 240 pounds (all fat!), mad at the world and not overly eager to change my lot in life.

And, to make matters worse, I was bullied on a regular basis by one of my co-workers, the aforementioned line cook (he was later charged with manslaughter – choked a guy to death with his OWN shoe lace – karma, bitch!).

But, thankfully, I had an escape. Each night I sat down at my computer, the problems of the world washed away. I was level 60 in Lineage II and in one of the top clans in Team Fortress Classic, so there was a silver lining to it all. I was on top of the (cyber) world! 

Well, unfortunately, despite fleeting moments of happiness when I’d win a match or chat with a cyber gaming girl (at least I hope it was a girl), I wasn’t truly satisfied with where my life was headed and had to face the reality of it all sooner or later. I needed to find the spark that would snap me out of it.  

You need to find your call to action –  “the spark” that awakens the beast inside of you who wants to change more than wants to stay the same.

I went about it all the wrong way at first, but through trial and error and education I’ve learned a hell of a lot in these past 12 years of dedicating my life and career to fitness.

Originally, my sole goal for getting in shape was to be noticed. That was it. There was a long stretch of my teens and early 20s where most of my life satisfaction came from food. My reality told me I wasn’t worth another human being’s time, and knowing there are other people in this position today saddens me deeply. It’s no way to live. The worst part is, it’s very easy to mirror how society perceives you and let that creep into your belief systems.

Making lasting changes to your physique is not easy, but it’s near impossible if you take the approach the fitness magazines and Biggest Loser have you believe is the only way.

You can still achieve a lot and look sexy without going to the extremes. But, more importantly, do so in a way that allows you to have a life outside the gym. I have a wife of one year (beating the odds!) and a loveable cat named Chelsea who is affectionately known as Boobie. (Yes, she’s understandably confused). Plus, we've got a bun in the oven due this fall.

The system I developed to go from 240 lbs at 30% body fat to 210 lbs at 12% goes against the grain of all mainstream fitness advice, but it's hands down one of the most effective and stress-free ways to break free of your "fat kid" genes and get the body you've always wanted.

Who This IS For:
- Busy dads and career orientated men who want to drop down to body fat levels usually reserved for the genetic elite while eating your favourite foods
- Reclaim your best physique without hours spent in the gym
- Get lean without stepping foot on a treadmill or going for long jogs

Who This ISN'T For: 

- The aspiring bodybuilder looking to step on stage in a man thong and tanning oil.
- The ultra marathoner looking to optimize their endurance capacity above all else (this program focuses on getting you sexy and healthy)
- The enhanced bodybuilder looking for extreme levels of muscularity

Quite frankly, I've suffered down to sub 8% bodyfat, and my energy levels, quality of life and hormonal health all suffered considerably.

A select segment of the population can thrive at low levels of body fat, but this is a program for endomorphs... you want to look good, but feel healthy too, so you can participate in sports, run around with your kids, and thrive in the workplace. 

The program below is built for the average guy who wants to look awesome (for his wife), have endless amounts of energy to stay active and be present with his kids and have confidence to survive and thrive in his career pursuits.  Fitness is a complement to a healthy lifestyle, not the sole reason for living.

If that's you, continue on...


"Carl dropped from 24% body fat to a lean and
muscular 13% in just 2 months

I'm now in my 50s and feel better than I did slogging away in my 30s and 40s. Aging can be done gracefully if you know how to eat and exercise for your body type, and the Holy Grail is found in Endomorph Evolution.

Carl C.

Jordan lost 50 lbs, set a squat PR of 365 lbs for 3 reps
and got a new haircut in 2 months

I had just gotten a new gym membership and was trying to lose some weight on my own for the hundredth time. I knew i would probably fail on my own like had in the past so I took a chance with Endomorph Evolution.

Mitch provided the support system and knowledge base that I had been lacking in my past weight loss attempts and because of that I was able to stay on track. I am now confident and committed to a permanent lifestyle change and I have Endomorph Evolution to thank for getting me started down that road.

Jordan R.

Four Elements of the
Endomorph Evolution

The Nutrition Habits & Tricks Best Suited To Your Body Type

Nutrition tweaks that work for you. No more trying to emulate cookie-cutter diets that are designed for professional bodybuilders and the genetic elite who can scarf down pizza, wings and beer and maintain a six pack. You require a bit more strategy (not starvation).

Hormone Optimization Habits To Bring Out The Man In You

How to optimize your hormonal production (think testosterone) to transform your average genetics into elite genetics usually reserved for professional athletes and natural mesomorphs.

How To Exercise Optimally To Burn Fat & Build Muscle (Without Spending Hours in The Gym)

Three different levels of weight training programs (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) with exercise video demonstrations and weekly workout templates to set you up for 8 weeks of immediate results (and years worth of workouts) based on a formula that saves you time so you aren't slaving away on a treadmill or spending hours away from your family at a commercial gym.

Health Hacks to Boost Libido, Energy & Vitality As You Age

How to optimize your health (it's not just about biceps and chesticles after all) so you can not only look good but feel good, perform better in career and family pursuits, and wake up with a stiff one even into your 30s, 40s and beyond. Aging does not have to mean feeling old. Through nutrition and exercise (the smart way, not the hard way) you can reverse the "accepted" effects of aging and discover the fountain of youth.

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  • Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Endomorph Evolution:

Endomorph Evolution Getting Started Guide

This guide covers my fitness philosophy, why the program works for your body type, and how to get your mind right to succeed long-term.

Endomorph Evolution Workout Guide + Printable Worksheets

The Workout Guide contains all the workouts needed to take you from fat ass to bad ass.

The training system includes 3 separate protocols: Chris Farley Level 1 (beginner workouts), Kevin James Level 2 (intermediate workouts focused on lean muscle), Jonah Hill Level 3 (the skinny version ... designed to take you to 10% body fat while maintaining muscle)

Endomorph Evolution Nutrition Guide

No chicken and broccoli here.  In this guide you'll learn how to structure your meals to lose fat, maintain muscle, and still enjoy your favourite foods.

This section also includes meal plan examples, how to control portion sizes and designates which cheat foods work best to blast through fat (yes, you read that right).

Endomorph Evolution Workout Videos

Whether you're new to the gym or need a refresher, the video library will help you optimize your form on Endomorph Evolution approved exercises.

Endomorph Evolution Health Guide

A new and improved body is nice and all, but if you're a mess internally the house of cards will crumble eventually. This guide will show you how to fit your new fitness pursuit into an overall healthy lifestyle.

Endomorph Evolution Grocery List Cheat Sheet

The grocery store is a sea of marketing scams and bait and switch tactics. Cut through the clutter with this easy reference grocery list cheat sheet.

BONUS: 5 Intensity Techniques To Accelerate Your Muscle Gains

Eventually you'll need to mix it up and keep your body guessing for continued progress. These are the tried-and-true intensity training techniques that have allowed myself and my clients to blast through plateaus.

BONUS #2: 5 Fat Loss Tricks To  Accelerate Your Fat Loss

Dropping from 15% body to 10% requires moving a lot more "small rocks" than going from 30% to 20%. These 5 tricks are my go-to techniques to keep fat loss moving in the right direction, even with very lean clients in the late stages of a diet.

BONUS #3: 30 Day Access To My Elite Coaching Program

My elite clients pay upwards of $400 per month for access (and it's a 6 month commitment). Shh, don't tell them, but you'll get unlimited access to me during a 30 day trial after purchase of Endomorph Evolution. 

BONUS #4: Testosterone Boosting Blueprint

To my dismay, when the blood work results came back, not only were my cholesterol values out of whack but I had the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old male.

This was my predicament in the summer of 2012. How I fixed my testosterone through diet and lifestyle in 10 easy steps is enclosed in this bonus. (Bloodwork result scan included)

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More Than 2,500 pounds of fat have been lost by Endomorph Evolution clients in 2015. Are you ready to join the party?

Frequently Asked Questions About
Endomorph Evolution

1. Is This Program Just for Fat Loss?

Absolutely not. The Endomorph Evolution Diet is optimized for both fat loss and muscle gain.  After all, what’s the point of losing a pile of weight if the result is an emaciated bod of skin and bones? 

You can do both simultaneously, though the program allows you to pick a preference from the two to emphasize and focus your goal around that first and foremost.

2. Is This Program Hard To Follow?

Short answer: no. If you want a plan that fits within your lifestyle, not become the focus, then this is for you. It truly gives you freedom and removes the stress and inconvenience involved with most mainstream diets that restrict too many foods.

This program is the opposite of the hardcore bodybuilder approach - designed to get you results without overwhelming you with restrictions and calculations requiring a degree in advanced physics. 

3. What Are The Four Principles Of The Program Again?

1. Cutting edge diet templates that work for you, regardless if your goal is fat loss or muscle gain (or both) . No more trying to emulate cookie-cutter diets that are designed for professional bodybuilders and the genetic elite.

2. Often overlooked, but as important as diet is optimizing your hormonal production  to transform your average genetics into elite genetics usually reserved for professional athletes and natural mesomorphs.

3. Three different levels of weight training programs (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) with exercise video demonstrations and weekly workout templates to set you up for years worth of results.

4. How to take control of your health (it's not just about biceps and chesticles after all), with checklists included to optimize the health of every organ (think liver, kidney etc.) in your body, so you can not only look good but feel good too. 

4. What Can I Expect As Far As Results?

Do you want to break the never-ending cycle of weight loss and weight gain?
This program does just that. If you want results that stick - for life - you need to be smart about this. Starving yourself will get you skinny, but eventually you'll gain the weight back because you're programmed not to starve yourself forever!

On average, clients lose anywhere from 20-50 lbs in the first 8 weeks without sacrificing muscle (some even gain lean body mass while they diet). It depends on how much weight you have to lose to get to your ideal physique.

5. Do I Have To Eat Boring Foods All The Time?

No. One of the greatest aspects is that no food is off limits, forget cutting out carbs completely or some other extreme measure. Endomorph Evolution designates days to eat whatever you want without blowing your diet in the process. 

6. Does The Program Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! The Endomorph Evolution program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you buy the program today and find for whatever reason that it's not for you, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll issue you a refund.

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Unlock the secret to fast fat burning (without sacrificing muscle) with
Endomorph Evolution!

P.S. Remember, you can’t get Endomorph Evolution anywhere else or with any other program. There have been some great programs out there, but NONE of them have the secret formula for guys just like you.

Only $97$29 (One Time Payment)
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Note: Endomorph Evolution is a completely digital product so there's no waiting for anything to be shipped to you. Once you purchase the product you will be able to access and download all product components in the members area.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason Endomorph Evolution does not satisfy you in any way, simply cancel your purchase within 60 days from purchase and we'll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!